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Many resources can be found at the  Alaska State Department of Education including the Alaska State Standards and SBA and HSGQE Practice Tests.

Homeschooling 101 provides a number of tips on organizing your students' work and record keeping, while the Curriculum link provides some recommendations on choosing a homeschool curriculum.

Additionally, we are including a few specific links related to effective teaching practices.

First is the Teaching the Features of Effective Writing.  This link is to an article about five features of effective writing.  A companionl site provides Samples of Student Writing which are useful in terms of getting a sense of how your student might compare with their peers.  To use this site, click on the link for the multi grade prompts "Three Names" and "Life on the Edges". This will bring you to a page which has several writing samples for each grade level (9 -11).  (there are also links for middle school samples here) Once you have clicked on the writing sample you will see a sample of writing to that particular prompt at the grade level you have chosen.  Additionally, there are tabs at the top of the page which will give you some evaluation of the writing sample from the perspective of each of the five writing traits (focus, organization, support and elaboration, style and conventions).  While these samples are not graded, they give you some point of comparison.  Finally, the State of Alaska provides a rubric which they use for the evaluation of writing samples in the Standards Based Assessment (SBA) and the High School Graduation Qualifying Exam (HSGQE).

Six Point Writing Rubric

Four Point Writing Rubric

HSGQE Writing Checklist

Another site which may be helpful focuses on Formative and Summative Assessment.  This article discussed the purpose of assessment as well as what should be assessed.  The basic rule of thumb is that we should only assess things which have been taught explicitly and we should use the same modality of assessment as we used during instruction.  So if we teach vocabulary through oral practice, the assessment should also be done orally.  However, if we teach vocabulary through written work, we should assess it through writing.

Finally, we are including a numer of links which discuss the topic of assigning grades. 

Keeping Home School Grades

Grading Guidelines for High School Credit