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September 8th, 2017

September 29th, 2017

November 16th, 2017
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February 23th, 2018
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May 24th, 2018
Third Trimester Grade Report Due

Program Overview
Dillingham City School District 
In-District Correspondence School

“Working together for our children.”


Largely through the commitment of our parents and the work they have done with their students, the Dillingham In-District Correspondence School has been recognized by the State of Alaska as a Four Star School.

Vision Statement

We are committed to maintaining a high quality program that encompasses the best elements of individualized education and meets the needs of all students.  We support the role of parents in educating their children. We will continue to provide educational choices that include academically sound curriculum and extra-curricular programs to produce independent learners who will become contributing members of society.

Mission Statement

The mission of Dillingham Correspondence School, in conjunction with the Dillingham City School District, is to provide support to parents so that they can prepare their children to become life-long learners, problem-solvers, and contributing members of their family, community, and society by providing meaningful experiences that create understanding of their cultural heritage and the technological world.


1. Supply educational materials to parents.
2. Supply teaching support to parents & students as needed to ensure a successful educational experience.
3. Provide for extracurricular activities for students to enlarge their world.
4. Provide individualized instruction to enable students to achieve their full potential.

Dillingham Correspondence School students have the opportunity to:

1. Participate in the design of customized curriculum.
2. Experience learning outside of classrooms.
3. Receive one-to-one advisement with sensitive, experienced Alaska certified teachers.
4. Earn high school credits.
5. Earn college/post secondary credits.
6. Participate in adult education programs.
7. Learn at their own pace.
8. Use learning styles with which they are successful.

Belief Statements:

1. We believe in parent autonomy in educational choices.
2. We believe that parents are the child’s first and most important teacher.
3. We believe that with our professional support, parents will make the best educational choices for their children.